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Monday, March 20, 2017

Blog Post #6: "The One Who Walk Away from Omelas"

"The One Who Walk Away from Omelas" is a story that I found very peculiar. It holds the depiction of an ideal world; a utopian world with every desire you can hope for. Though -  this desire is all being held up by one thing and one thing only, a child. 

Everyone is happy as they live next to the ocean in harmony. There are a few that go against their happiness and go to visit the child, while others go back to their blissful ways in live in peace and happiness while in the end forget about the child. 

The child holds a significance is the imperfections of the utopia that Omelas hides. It is an imagined society in which everything is perfect and there are no problems that occur, but with the child it is all wrong. The child is swallowed up in misery, pain, and utter terror. Instead, within this utopia, it shows the blinded world of a Dystopia becuase this child is being treated terribly and left own its own for the sake of the citizen's happiness. It is flawed and no one sees it, just like in today's society and their way with money. With money, selfishness gets pushed around throughout the people that walk through the streets. As long as there is money, nothing else matters but your own needs and that is what exactly happened in the story. Some were not selfish and went through their onw blissful ways to visit the boy, others held onto their bliss and kept going on with their life and forgot that there is a boy suffering for the happines that they have. 

Blog Post #5: Social Justice

In the TEDtalk "The urgency of intersectionality" by Kimberle Crenshaw, Crenshaw discusses the problem that occurs throughout society, and that is the problem of race and gender bias. The phenomenon of "Intersectionality" is introduced in the talk and is said to be the position in which different, multiple forces attack an individual. The examples of these forces are sexism, racism, homophobia, and any other phobias that causes a person to react in a cruel way to another with nothing but personal reasons. Crenshaw explains the idea of gender bias and the injustice that troubled African American women had been forced to go through. Many times, women of color have been attacked for their race and gender and yet, it is still not reported or at least seen on social media.

To me, social justice in a whole is an important topic that we should all value. As more children grow up and more humans complete achievements and goals, we sometimes forget the terrible deeds that we have done. We have shunned, put down, abused, and even murdered people purely based on gender, sex, sexuality, religion, and much, much more. Though, with more education and the internet being put out there for the generations, it is deemed to be rather difficult at this point to be able to continue this.

Today, people are now noticing the problems of discrimination and how most of these problems were put into the light. With more people learning to be more open-minded to the ideas of religion, gender, sexuality, and more, it is much easier in these times to find humans that are accepting. 

As much as there is less cruel acts on the differences of people, these problems still occur. Even if there was a lot of change from the past, there is still a long way to go to be able to live in an accepting world. An example of these acts is homophobia and racism. With the subject of homophobia, this also relates to controversial battles between the beliefs involving religion. The statement that homophobia is a sin can often be fought over in very malicious ways and many can get hurt on both sides, opposing on homosexuality or not.

In my experience, racism was an act that have been used against me. When I was in elementary school, I often times made a barrier out of sadness due to the fact that the people in my class disliked me for my ethnicity, the way I looked, and my glasses. Often times being called "ching chong" and "four eyes" by the people I sat next to, the thought of them hating me just because of what I was was something that hurt me so much in my elementary school days. 

Friday, March 17, 2017

Blog Post #4: Birthmark

"Birthmark", a short story by Miranda July in which a woman who loses a part of her that she hated ends up missing and realizing how dear it was in the end. Once it is revealed to come back, she is scared to death but her husband is in love with every part of her, even the thing she hated.

The woman explains in the story that by removing her birthmark, she realizes that it had been an important part of herself the entire time. Blinded by her insecurities of this "stain" she holds, she never saw the impact it would have on her once it was finally taken away. In real life, this heavily relates to the situation of many people in this generation and standards.

"Oh, I have a big nose!"

"I'm too fat!"

"I look so ugly!"

Society holds up standards at such high esteem, whether it is beauty standards or body standards, the whole idea of looking a certain way in order to be able to impress other people who are going through just the same is something that isn't looked at as taboo. Just like the narrator in the story, we often times are so eager take away an insecurity that we forget that once we lose it, we lose a part of ourselves and we don't notice it's importance in our uniqueness until it is gone from our lives. 

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Blog Post #3: Love, no matter what

In the TED talk "Love, no matter what" by Timothy Covell, Covell explains love in a way that is not just looked at romantically. Every human has something that cuts them from being the same from another person. Individually, we are all different and have specific things about ourselves that makes us different from one another but we all have one thing in common that we all need, and that is love. No matter who we are, everyone needs love and compassion in their life. Since the earliest of years, things like homosexuality and disabilities were looked down upon on and was known as "taboo". Behind homosexuality and disabilities, everyone is human. Everyone was made the same and all feel the same type of emotions as the next person does. No matter what is different about us, we all can get through the most troubles of things with love being a constant power around.

Blog Post #2: The Surprising Science of Happiness

In the TED talk "The Surprising Science of Happiness" by Dan Gilbert, Gilbert explains the way our minds take in emotions. From what I see, every human has their own taste in selfishness whether we accept the fact or not. If we don't get what is expected, we create this spiral of sadness and anxiety that we don't even realize we're the ones creating in the first place. We create something fake, something artificial to fill in the holes that we lose, yet the holes are filled with nothing but synthetic happiness. We go on with our days thinking we are okay with what we have when in reality, we all want more to feel happy. Once we satisfy our needs, we sit there and think, "Did this really make me happy?" 

It is a five worded question that can fill brains and make humans stay up late just by thinking about it. It is something that cannot be processed in one day, and could take a long time to find. We walk through a path of things that make us happy for the meanwhile, but could turn into something less relaxing and more stressful in the future. In the end, whatever we do, we will achieve happiness. Synthetic or not, it'll depend on what we do to satisfy our wants and how we do it. 

Thursday, January 12, 2017


Grasping onto the feeling of forever peace and holding in a huff of breath that delivers nothing but pure meaning is a picture we all want to see, but we get too obsessed to the thought of wanting to be happy as we question ourselves the meaning of it, it starts to get over our heads. We are in the moment of everything and mandatory needs and wants are always in the way of trying to set our true happiness that is held in the future. It gives a choice on what to follow, to make the temporary happiness within us happy or let the future happiness not disappear from our sight. It is a choice that is rather difficult to cope with within the human mind when temptation is involved and whether if the outcome is good or not, the future is intact towards the path of it.

Monday, December 5, 2016

What is our purpose of existing?

There are good days, worst days, bad days, and the ones in between. Every life has an importance towards someone, and if it is suffering, it is not suffering alone. We feel as if we are suffering internal pain by ourselves and there is no one to run to if we are being chased by negative, impulsive, and lustful desires, but there are more individuals that exist in our lives to keep us up. We want to cry, break down, give up, and look back at our past but all those things are something we need every power not to do. The thought of that gives me goosebumps and makes my heart drop to the lowest of low. If it weren't for the positive people surround and the self-love you give towards yourself, it would be completely impossible to keep going without the support of others. Our purpose of existence is just as important as everyone else, but it is in our best mind to be able to tell ourselves that our purpose is important.